What can you do with 2 & a half hours?

When we get new treats here at The Pet Palace, we put them to the test! There is no one better than Emma to use as a test subject! She is a very picky, persnickety Great Dane, who puts even the toughest treats and toys to the test!  Let’s be honest, when you are searching for a good treat, you want a product that gives you “bang for your buck”.  You want a chew that is all-natural and long-lasting (longer than 5 minutes) but also healthy. It is frustrating to constantly purchase expensive treats that don’t end up meeting these expectations!

I had Emma test out our new 12 inch Bully Sticks by BRAVO. Bully sticks are a healthier, safer, more digestible alternative to a rawhide chew. I am not sure if you are aware, but rawhides can swell in your pet’s stomach causing torsion, which can lead to death.  Usually, when I think of a bully stick, I think of something solid, skinny, and smelly.  I also think of an item that would not last longer than 10 minutes in my house.  These BRAVO Bully Sticks come in 6 and 12 inch lengths, are made from bulls, dry roasted (meaning they will not splinter or breakup when chewed, nor leave stains on furniture and carpet) and are considerably larger in length and diameter, so I requested we order them and give them a try.

I put this 12 inch Bully Stick to the test. I have a small child and sometimes Emma helps me carry things from the car to the house, so she got a few chews on this one before I was able to get a beginning picture. None the less, you get the idea! (note: this Bully Stick is  displayed on 12×12 tile)

12 inch Bravo Bully Stick (minus a few chews!)

1 hour later...

1 hour later...

I am very satisfied with these Bully Sticks, I would say one of the best $8.99 (+tax) I have spent on a chew! It was absolutely odorless, did not stain my carpet, or leave a greasy residue, AND it left me with one worn out pup!

another satisfied pooped pup courtesy of The Pet Palace!

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