Cayden’s Road to Rehabilitation


Meet Cayden,

Isn’t he handsome, his personality just blows me away! Cayden came to us through the Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas, they are a great rescue organization and we couldn’t be more proud to be working with them.

We do not know much about Cayden’s past, but we do know he came from a family with 8 children, and from the looks of him, he put them first. Go ahead say it with me, WOW 8 children! Let me tell you, Cayden LOVES children, loves company, and loves to play.  This big guy has a personality that will brighten anyones day!

Besides needing to put on a bit of weight and a few training tips he is staying with us until he finds a home, and no better place to stay than a facility designed around a Great Dane right!


To aid in putting on some weight we are currently feeding him Fromm Gold 3 cups, 4 meals a day with a few treats in between ;0). He goes on several walks a day with different staff members and gets lots of individual of play time to keep him social.

We are excited to see his changes too, so check back for weekly updates on Cayden’s road to rehabilitation.

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