People Food for your Pets!

You have heard us say over and over again “you could eat this if you wanted too!” As grotesque as that sounds with the foods found in our lobby this phrase is true, yes you too if worse came to worse, could eat it! If you like to share your dinner with your pets, Evanger’s is  for you! Here are some brochures from distributors for you to have a better look.  The difference in sharing our cooked scraps with our pets and feeding from a can is the preparation. The cooking process softens foods especially those with bones making them edible, safe, wholesome and highly digestible.
Here are some pictures from the Braised Beef Chunks with Gravy can we have in the store.
Evanger's Braised Beef Chunks
Resembles a Sunday pot roast! Yes those are chunks of potato, meat & carrots you are looking at!
If only the computer screen were scratch and sniff!
While we do carry several flavors in store, more scrumptious flavors for cats & dogs are available by special order!
Look here for their monthly coupon at or check out our  Facebook page (“Like us” on the right if you haven’t already!) for alerts of new coupons!

Click to enlarge the text!

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