Cayden ~Week 2

Many of you have already met Cayden, if you haven’t here he is! If you missed our last post click here.

As you know we are working with The Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas on preparing Cayden for a new forever home! If you are interested please click on the link and submit an application.

We are really enjoying getting to know this gentle giant! This week we discovered his love for the ball. He and I must have played ball for 30 minutes straight! He performed all the tricks in the book (his book that is) for this ball; sit, down, not so much stay, but we are working on it!

We do not have a scale at our facility to accurately track Cayden’s weight gain, however to the naked eye he looks to be adding a little meat to those bones. He has been staying in an indoor/outdoor suite and has LOTS of energy so it is hard to tell. However he is still loving the Fromm 4 times a day along with his individual walks with the staff.

Next week we will be starting a Basic Training Class which Cayden will be attending. Here he will learn the basic commands of sit (which he is already pretty good at), loose leash walking, recall, and wait as well as how to live in an environment where you, his future owner, is the pack leader. We do not use any pinch, or choke collars in our training but we do use martingale collars. If you are not familiar, these were created for greyhounds due to their heads being smaller than their necks. The collar has 2 loops; the smaller loop is the “control loop” that tightens the larger loop when pulled to prevent dogs from slipping out of the collar, applying even pressure and limited constriction on the dogs neck. If you have not attended our Free lecture, check out our last post (< click there) for more information.

Here are more Pictures of Cayden for your enjoyment!

Check back later this week for a video of Cayden!

2 Responses to “Cayden ~Week 2”
  1. Christine Havens says:

    He is Beautiful!

  2. Christine Havens says:

    He is so Beautiful, I so wish I had room to keep him!!

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