Its raining…

It’s raining.

What are you going to do with your dog?

You could take her to Daycare, but that would require another stop in the rain, and the traffic on the way to work is already going to be chaos! She is going to be crazy if you keep her locked up all day, and if you let her outside she is sure to leave her muddy signature all over your house and going on a walk is totally out of the question!

We know this is how you are feeling, so we came up with ways to get all that energy out in a fun stimulating way for your dog to enjoy on their own, or to figure out with you. They are all in-door and if you do not already have these items, you can find them here in our lobby!

I have found and attached a Youtube video for almost all options just click the italicized word!

Nina Ottosson

The Casino

Finder Activity




If you have a some tennis balls lying around, and do not mind sharing your muffin pan with the dog you could make one yourself!


If you are looking for some enticing recipes click here! No need to purchase expensive pastes and suffers, you have it already! Don’t forget about the old mix peanut butter with kibble, stuff and freeze trick!

Bristle & Bouncy Bone

Tug-a-jug, Waggle & Kibble Nibble

Bottle Crunchers

these are great and reusable! Once they crunch one bottle, replace it with another another!

Hide a Bee/Squirrel

If you do not mind the squeaking this is a fun one!

Bully Sticks

If you missed our post on this, click here! This scrumptous treat is sure to wear your pup out! We now have the 12 & 36 inch options available!

The Tug Rope

Many of you have these lying around your house. Here is a trick you may not know about. If you take some of your pets kibble (or you can pick up several samples of kibble here at The Pet Palace) you can twist the rope the opposite direction of the braids and insert kibble to help make it a longer lasting activity! Give it a try!

If you have seen a couple of these toys but do not live near by, or just want to order online, no problem! Send an email to, tell us what you like, and we will get you squared away! After all you don’t want to be caught in the rain with a stir crazy pup again!

If you have some activities you like to do with your pet on a rainy day or have one of these, we want to hear about it! Leave a comment here or here on Facebook (be sure to like us if you haven’t already)!

One Response to “Its raining…”
  1. Angela says:

    We use the Tug a Jug at home ALL the time. Whenever we have a puppy, we use it to feed their kibble out of. Really helps to keep them from gorge eating, keeps them occupied and eliminates boredom. Plus from a training standpoint – most dogs are working dogs and enjoy the challenge to work for their food like the use to years ago!

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