Baby’s & Dogs

Several of you wrote in with questions about Baby’s & Dog’s. Each of your questions were related to a different part of introducing a baby before and after birth. I felt in order to better help I would compile your answers to one response.

Prior to your babies arrival, around the 7th month of pregnancy, one will usually prepare the room with baby necessities. Once you have acquired the items you plan to use frequently introduce them to your pet as early and often as possible. For example, lotions, powders, diapers etc.

If you have friends with babies take our your iphone and record them crying. Play this back for your dog.  Take your dog on walks pushing an empty stroller. Introduce your dog to the neighborhood children. Make sure the children you introduce him to are calm and gentle with him. Do this by making your dog sit, then have the children give him a treat and pet him.

After the baby arrives take advantage of extra blankets from the hospital. When you actually arrive home have mom go in first, someone else should remain outside with the baby, your dog has not seen mom for several days and will want to spend a few moments with her. This in mind it is important to schedule time with your pet, they are part of your family. Increase walks, play time and cuddle time, making sure to always praise your dog at all times while you are handling the baby and he is remaining calm.

Lastly as your child grows and can help out, include them in activities such as feeding, brushing, training etc.

We do offer an extensive two hour seminar on Baby’s & Dog’s here at The Pet Palace.Please feel free to comment here, email ( or call (281-484-7387) if you are interested in finding out our next dates.


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