“Affirm the desired behavior & ignore the undesired behavior”

“Our dog, Bailey, is very well behaved except for one major detail. She jumps on anyone who walks through the door. Any ideas how to fix this?”


You must resist the urge to respond to your dog when he is initiating undesired behaviors.

Please keep in mind, when your dog initiates the jumping, any response to the dog can be recognized as a response to continue the behavior.

Ex: If / when a dog jumps on someone, the usual response is to say “no,” “down,” “get off” and/or push, shove or knee the animal.  (Hence providing response to the dogs behavior)  This can be fun for the dog & if I were I a dog, I would certainly continue the behavior at that point as well.

When the dog jumps on you or your guest, the best thing to do would be to completely ignore the behavior.

Ex: Turn away, avoid contact, say nothing and act as if the dog does not exist.  Shortly thereafter the dog will discontinue the jumping (since it will not be getting a response) at the point when the dog is not jumping and has all four paws on the floor, the dog should be praised, petted etc. (Hence rewarding / responding to the desired behavior)

The jumping behavior can be curved very quickly over a few days, if the problem persists? You will need to contact me and arrange for a short training session. Here I will demonstrate some other training techniques/tips to fix the problem.


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