Thursday’s With Darrell- House Training

I apologize for my post malfunction! Here is Thursday’s with Darrell, a day belated!

I just got a new puppy, its been a long time since I have a puppy and I was wondering if you could suggest a few helpful hints to implement until she is old enough for training classes.

Congrats on your new addition! You will have a lifetime of memories with your new companion ahead! Try to remember the puppy stage does not last long so when you find yourself frustrated, as many new puppy owners do, with guidance and consistency you will lay a good firm foundation. Here are a few tips on house training  that may be beneficial. Consistency is key!

  • Keep your dog confined in a comfortable crate when you can’t provide supervision.
  •  Escort the dog to the same area outdoor location every three hours (familiar smells stimulate elimination) and soon after the animal eats, naps or plays.  Give the dog several minutes to eliminate.  Use verbal encouragement and keep your dog on the move until you see signs he or she is preparing to eliminate.
  • When your dog does eliminate, offer lavish praise, then come back inside and give the animal a small food treat.
  •  If your dog doesn’t “produce” during the allotted time, bring him or her indoors for fifteen minutes; confine the animal; then return to the appointed spot and try again.
  •  Keep the dog busy during your absence whether it is one minute or thirty minutes.  (Kong, Busy Buddy, Portion of food spread over a large area, etc.)
  • Do not clean up any accidents in the presence of the pet, place pet in another room or outside, then clean up the area.

Our next Puppy/Adult basic training lecture will be May 15 from 6:30-8:00 in The Pet Palace lobby! Invite will be posted soon.


2 Responses to “Thursday’s With Darrell- House Training”
  1. Darrell, What is your theory regarding not letting your dog watch you clean up after him during housetraining? Would you recommend that for outside “poop patrol” as well?

    • Generally, the average person does not have the capacity to clean up pet accidents in a calm, cool collected manner. Therefore, if a pet has an accident inside the house, the person would be upset, frustrated etc while cleaning up the mess most likely causing the pet to be fearful during that process. This will typically result in the pet not wanting to relieve themselves in the presence of the owner and only doing it while the owner is not around. If the pet has an accident, it would be best to simply ignore that it happened, escort the dog outside, and then clean it up.

      This does not apply when out on a walk as the owner is expecting the pet to relieve itself and should be praised for doing it in an appropriate location.

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