In case of Emergency

Have you ever role played in your head what would happen if an emergency arose at your home and no one was there? I have. Usually the first thing that comes to mind are “Who will save my pictures, family videos, and grab my computer!” I seem to kind of take for granted my pet will know to get out on her own with all these things in hand!   In reality my dog may know how to let herself inside when let out, but she can not physically open the door and alert the media of a crisis!  Those who will be responding to this emergency  will never even know she is trapped inside. The thought of that is heartbreaking!

If you are like me, my pet is another child in our home, and no matter how many times we attempt to convince ourselves that these things will never happen to us, emergencies strike when we least expect and we are generally unprepared. The Pet Palace has a solution and is aiding in awareness with this sticker.

Simply place it on a window or door for Rescue teams to see, it’s that easy! It’s also a deterrent to those in our pesky society who wish to invade our privacy; letting them know there is someone inside making their mission impossible!  If you have not placed one of these on your window, do so! They are free and available right here in our lobby!

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