Thursday’s With Darrell

We are posting today from the Health & Wellness Expo in Nassau Bay! Come by and see us here at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church from 11-6pm!

Great questions today!

The 2 biggest concerns with Nala I have are 1. digging!!!! 2.When I try to get her to come inside she just looks at me, will not come and if I walk towards her she takes off running. Once she takes off running I can never catch her. I even try and not reward the behavior (positively or negatively) and just shut the door and go back later and she just continues to do it..
Help?? if you can 🙂

1. Digging – Remember, digging is a very natural behavior and like most natural behaviors it is much easier to work with the behavior rather than try to change it.  Bottom line, if your pet is digging in an area where it is not acceptable you are going to have to provide physical limitations (fencing, lines etc) However, I would suggest you make her an appropriate & acceptable place to dig (Sand box) bury her treats, toys, bones and even food in the box and encourage / praise her for digging in that area, it will be great for her. 

2. Stop chasing your pet in the back yard, you must be making it a lot of fun for her, any type of feedback for a behavior can be misconstrued as affirmation of the behavior and therefore she will continue the game.  Beyond that, Recall would be your next best friend, Recall we can help you that in one or two half hour sessions. As a contingency, make a really long line (light weight clothes line or plastic coated cable) So, if she starts to run away, you can control the situation. 

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