Champion Foods

Orijen’s & Acana

Many pet owners do not realize that most of today’s speciality or holistic pet food brands are owned by marketing companies (i.e.. P&G owns Natura products) who sell but do not actually make their own foods. While the marketers have a sales concept, they do not own a factory, can not source their own ingredients, and lack the skills with which to prepare their own foods. This means marketing companies contract the production of their pet foods to third party factories which they do not own, and over which they have no direct control. At Champion every food product is made under their own roof, where they control and perform every detail of production from where and how their ingredients are farmed or fished, to every cooking, packaging, and quality process. The ingredients found in their products are raised or fished in the Canada region by people known to the company located in Alberta, Canada. Champion’s biologically appropriate philosophy represents a new class of foods designed to nourish dogs & cats according to their natural evolutionary adaptation to meat and protein based diets.

They achieve this by offering a variety of fresh meats to match the diversity of the natural diet including free-run chicken & turkey, whole eggs, free range lamb, bison, beef heritage pork wild boar, as well as wild caught fresh and saltwater fish. Evolved as carnivores, dogs and cats are adapted for a rich diet of meat proteins. With ratios of up to 80% of meats, their high inclusions of meat and protein mirror the variety of foods that dogs and cats would naturally find hunting in the wild.

The natural diet contains few if any carbohydrates. Dogs & cats have absolutely no carbohydrate requirement. Instead of inappropriate and high-glycemic such as white rice & corn, that spike blood sugar levels, Champion foods features local fruits and greens that provide limited carbohydrates while supplying healthful vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in natural form. Adding botanicals provides the element of a dog or cats natural diet that they crave when they forage for grasses and weeds. Botanicals support metabolism, strengthen organs, and serve as cleaners to help rid the body of toxins.

Consider the dramatic variation of the natural diet a nest of eggs today, a duck or goose tomorrow, fish the next… resulting in a diet bursting with proteins and fats in their most natural form!

Through out the week I will focus on both the Acana & Origin foods as well as the benefits of each protein diet!


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