Orijen vs Acana, what’s the difference?

Now that you have a glimpse into the Champion food word here is the answer to your question, What is the difference between Orijen & Acana? I could not find a better way to explain the differences; the information below was taken from the champion foods websites frequently asked questions as well as their brochures.

While there are many differences between ACANA and ORIJEN, both diets reflect our belief in “Biologically Appropriateness, and “Fresh Regional Ingredients”.

Five of the main points of difference are summarized below:

  1. MEAT CONCENTRATION: ORIJEN is made with 70-75% meat ingredients while ACANA has between 40 to 65%, depending on the formula.
  2. AMOUNT OF PROTEIN: ORIJEN diets range between 38% and 42% protein, while ACANA features protein levels of 29-34%.
  3. AMOUNT OF CARBOHYDRATE: ORIJEN diets range from 18-22% of carbohydrate, while ACANA diets are typically in the 28-30% carbohydrate range.
  4. AMOUNT OF FRESH MEAT: ORIJEN is made with 28-33% of fresh meats, compared with ACANA which ranges from 9-15% of fresh meats.
  5. VARIETY OF FRESH MEAT: ORIJEN contains a minimum of 5 fresh meats, compared to ACANA which contains 3 different fresh meat ingredients.

The primary difference between Orijen & Acana is the variety of meat content however as you can see the quality is the same for both. For those of you wondering about price, Acana is less expensive of the two, however I will get a little more into pricing with each flavor throughout the week.

If you have not already done so, rate your pet food on dogfoodadvisor.com and compare your pets food to Orijen, Acana or any others we carry! Remember if you find it at a store cheaper, we will price match!

Here is a link to a short video where a Champion Pet Food Rep. talks about their products

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