Calming Cap Giveaway

ImageDoes the picture describe your pet? Say good bye to muzzles and sedatives and give the Calming cap a try!

The calming cap is a wonderful tool for easing your dog’s anxiety in high stress situations. It reduces visual stimuli and helps your dog to remain comfortable, overcome their fearfulness and increase their confidence. The single panel sheet fabric window is much like you find on a horse, it does not blind your dog, but filters the view.  While their vision somewhat limited, they can still make out shapes.


“I first thought of some sort of cap when I was working with a very excitable dog who couldnt settle down in a car. The car was too small for a crate and I jokingly said we needed to turn off the lights so she could calm down,” says creator Trish King.

We too have tried the calming cap on our standard poodle Leah. You may remember her from our previous post on Thundershirts. She is crazy in the car, with the thundershirt her actions are greatly eliminated, however with the calming cap she calmly rides in the car.

If you have a pet that barks explosively (such as Leah while riding in the car), is fearful of other dogs, or a dog who suffers from separation anxiety or aggression problems, the calming cap may just be your solution!


For those of you with cats, we have a giveaway for you too! Click here!


Leave a comment below regarding the Calming Cap giveaway how you feel a Calming cap could help your dog.

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Giveaway ends July 6th at midnight central standard time. Open to US residents only. Winner will be posted within 48 hours of ending time. You will receive your winning directly from Thundershirt.

Thanks to Thundershirt for providing samples and giveaway prize!

8 Responses to “Calming Cap Giveaway”
  1. Kate says:

    My dog is undergoing chemo and taking him to the frequent vet visits is not always a pleasant experience! This may be a good solution!

  2. Kate says:

    Liked Thundershirt on Facebook

  3. Kate says:

    liked The Pet Palace on Facebook

  4. Kate says:

    following thundershirt on twitter!

  5. Kate says:

    following The Pet Palace on Twitter!

  6. Lori McCutchen Harris says:

    It works on horses and hawks. It would seem reasonable to work on dogs and cats too as long as the stressors are visual stimuli.

  7. I believe this could help Dixie when she is groomed and also during storms.

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