No more Dogs as “Scaredy Cats!”

As you know, its hurricane season, and the fireworks of 4th of July are upon us. Are you prepared? Instead of pulling out the medication this year, or attempting to live through the destructive behavior, crying, barking, or hiding in your closet and under the bed, take the drug free approach and make the most of your night with a Thundershirt!

One of our questions upon check in here at The Pet Palace “is your pet scared of loud noises or Thunder.” If your answer has been “yes,” you may recall us suggesting a Thundershirt! Those of you who accepted or tried one of our samples while staying have reported and we have seen success. You also may have seen our white standard poodle Leah, she is not the most fun dog to be in the car with, however Thundershirt & calming cap allows for a more enjoyable ride!

Many dogs suffer from anxiety and fear issues from thunder, fireworks, separation, travel and barking, to jumping and training. Whenever a dog is anxious, fearful or over-excited, Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure to the torso, providing a calming effect, relieving anxious feelings. Much like a hug!  Recommended by Veterinarians and groomers, over 80% of dog owners have reported significantly reduced anxiety symptoms when using a Thundershirt.

Treating with anxiety medications such as sedatives can help in severe cases, but usually must be administered long before the anxiety event prevails and the effects last long after it is over. Daily use medicines are expensive and risk unwanted side effects. Thundershirt’s offer NO side effects and requires little to no time commitment! Most dogs see an improvement with the first use, others may take two or three usages.

Thundershirt is available in sizes small, medium and large and comes in a Heather Grey, Pink & Blue color. They can be purchased here at The Pet Palace, or you can enter our give away!

For those of you with cats, we have a giveaway for you too! Click here!


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Thanks to Thundershirt for providing samples and giveaway prize!

43 Responses to “No more Dogs as “Scaredy Cats!””
  1. Sandy Adams says:

    That is an awesome idea!

  2. Kate says:

    My dog is undergoing chemo and taking him to the frequent vet visits is not always a pleasant experience! This may be a good solution!

  3. Kate says:

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    Following thundershirt on twitter

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    Subscribed to the blog

  8. Lindsay says:

    Mia is a three legged dog that hates thunderstorms. She runs circles, panting and wears herself into exhaustion. A thundershirt would help her sit still and relax through the storm

  9. Lindsay says:

    liked The Pet Palace on Facebook

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  14. My Cat would feel like one of the guys in her own Thundershirt…

  15. Ambre says:

    I’ve heard great things about the Thundershirt!

  16. Ambre says:

    liked Thundershirt on facebook

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    Liked the Pet Palace on facebook

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    Shared on facebook wall & tagged the Pet Palace & Thundershirt

  19. Ambre says:

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  20. Lori McCutchen Harris says:

    It is stressful on our little Waldo being away from his “Dad” , then dealing with the occasional thunder storm but then adding to the situation is the wonderfully exciting Friday nights Kemah fireworks. Yes nights with an “s” so every Friday evening we know there is no sleeping for us until the display is over and fat lady sings. We live on the west side of I-45 and the sound travels up the creek as though it was taking place on the next street. It is not the barking and circling nervously that upsets the whole house that we can not seem to comfort him.

  21. Diane Bowman says:

    I have heard of Thundershirts but thought it was a gimic! So happy to learn otherwise. My rottie, Goliath, is scared to death at the hint of rain. Thunder sends him into a corner where he shakes with fear and becomes almost catatonic. My pittie, Pint, will sit on his bed or the sofa and shake uncontrollably until the storm or rain passes. I really need to get each of them a Thundershirt. My other rottie, Bear, is not fazed by any of it and is just fine during bad weather.

  22. Ashley Carter says:

    I recently adopted a dog who is starting to develop storm anxiety. It stormed here in the middle of the night last night and she was so affraid that my whole bed was shaking. She also gets car sick, it would be interesting to see if it would help with that.

  23. Stacy Crivello says:

    My dog is scared practically to death of loud noises. I’ve been wanting to try the thunder shirt but don’t have the extra funds. If this product worked for him it would definitely improve his quality of life so I’m hoping one day I can get him one!!

  24. Dawn Stevens says:

    My poor Abbey is ridiculously afraid of thunder. During any kind of rain, be it sprinkle to thunderstorm, she is shaking, panting and running from room to room looking for the best hiding space. We have found her in the fireplace, clothes hampers, closets, under beds, behind toilets, etc. One day during a a light sprinkle she darted out the front door, we spent the next few hours combing our neighborhood looking for her. We had just giving up the search when a man came pulling up to our home with abbey in the bed of his truck!! Please help us out, we really hate drugging her and if we ever lost her, our hearts would be shattered. She is our first “child” and at 10 years, we aren’t sure if her heart can stand my more thunderstorms. Thanks for doing this! We love Pet Palace, we don’t trust anyone else with our baby!!

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    my comment is about my little Chloe! my username is momo249

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  34. Morgan Boring says:

    This is my main entry that is needed – My little Chloe is 3 years old and has just developed a fear of many things. She starts shaking the moment she hears the oven turn on, she also starts shaking whenever the vacuum or hair dryer is going. Most of all she is terrified of thunder- she runs around panting and shaking trying to hide under anything possible. We have tried putting her in her crate but she continues to shake and pant and whine. I feel so helpless not being able to calm her down. I would love to win this giveaway for my little baby. Last night was pitiful as it was the 4th of July she was a nervous wreck all night long. Having accidents in the house which hasnt happened since she was a little puppy.
    Again Chloe and I would really love to win this giveaway! 🙂

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    Meet Thundershirt for Dog! The simplest solution for fear & anxiety for Dog! and enter to win

    tweeted again today 🙂

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